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If you suffer from dry, cracked hands in the winter, this hand sanitizer will help maintain your hand health while effectively sanitizing your hands from harmful bacteria and germs. 


Hand Sanitizers Kalaya
Alcohol Hand sanitizers that are effective against COVID
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Canadian Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

Kalaya is a hand sanitizer designed by Health Professionals who understand the challenge to skin integrity due to increased compliance to hand hygiene, washing and sanitizing. Washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizers strip your hands of their oils and moisture, leaving them prone to dryness, irritation and painful cracking. In fact, it is well documented that as we head into the cold and flu seasons, changes in weather increase the risk. The need for a hand sanitizer that gives back to your skin is very important. 


Currently, CDC, Health Canada, and WHO are recommending to wash and/or sanitize your hands every time you come in contact with a high touch surface or device... this means that if you suffer from irritated, dry or cracked skin in previous years, you will likely be more susceptible this year. 

Kalaya has been formulated with Hyaluronic Acid - a natural moisturizer produced in your body helps to keep your skin and tissues well moisturized. Hyaluronic Acid in Kalaya hand sanitizers will help you retain more of your oils and moisture, reducing dryness, irritation and cracked skin that can lead to a pathway for infection.

Manufactured in Canada in Health Canada approved facilities, Kalaya Hand Sanitizer if the result of a formulation designed by a skin care physician and a compounding pharmacist. We are proud to provide a premium, Canadian made a moisturizing 70% USP-grade Ethyl Alcohol hand Sanitizer.

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