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Proudly Supporting Canadian Businesses through COVID-19. Open to the public and walk-ins. 
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We are proud to support the needs of healthcare and small businesses over the past 100+ years.


The Clift family has a strong heritage in St. John's and around Newfoundland, dating back to the mid-1600s. With such a deep rooted legacy, we pride ourselves on the ability to build on our core beliefs of honesty, reliability, and persistence. 

We are passionate about challenging the status quo in healthcare, inspiring new innovations, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Our passion for serving our customers is what has driven us to do better and create better outcomes for our partners, their patients, and our local communities for over 125 years.

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We will continue to help our fellow Canadians through COVID-19 and beyond.

MISSION: We are on a mission to help Canadian Healthcare and businesses in Atlantic Canada through education and implementation of PPE and disinfectant wipes. We want to assist you to operate safely for your patients, clients, staff and community.


VISION: To protect the health and well-being of the Atlantic Canadians and become a valued resource and committed partner.


The family name Clift has been associated with the economic and social life of Newfoundland for more than 340 years. 


Historical records indicate the arrival from Plymouth, England of Captain James Clift at Ferryland, Newfoundland in 1675 and subsequent return to Plymouth with 800 quintals of fish.  These early Clifts continued in the fish trade throughout the 18th century with Thomas Clift, a Merchant-trader and Adventurer taking up residence for a period of three years, 1770-1772.

In 1809, with the arrival of James Clift of Smethwick, England, the Clift family became permanent residents of St. John’s and began business operations in 1810 that have continued through the present day. 


The Clift name is one of the oldest in the history of The Island.


With three of his nine children, his sons James Shannon, Thomas and Charles Neil and son-in-law James Brian Wood, James Clift eventually created Clift, Wood and Company, a name synonymous with business concerns of St. John’s and described in the day as, “One of the first firms of the Colony”.

Through the good times and, as importantly through difficult times, the Clift name in business has thrived, with uninterrupted lineage. From the disembarking of James in 1809, to his son Thomas, and his son Thomas Bayly (TB Clift), through to his son Thomas Shannon to his son Francis Shannon and the current 6th generation director, the family has succeeded while enduring disastrous events of family, local and world origin. 

When the City of St. John’s and the premises of Clift, Wood and Company were razed for the second time in 46 years in 1892, it was left to the 22 year old junior partner and surviving member of the now aging firm, Thomas Bayly Clift, to solve the issues that arose and rebuild/set the course for the future of the family enterprise.

In 1901, Thomas Bayly renamed the enterprise, T.B. Clift, the name that endures to this day.  Upon the death of TB at the age of 58, in 1929, his son Thomas Shannon assumed control and incorporated the business as T.B. Clift Limited.  Shannon welcomed, as had his great-grandfather before him, his sons into the business as they became of age.  He had the good fortune and health to spend 72 years with TB Clift Limited and enjoyed more than 40 years working with his sons. 

Shannon’s youngest son, Francis Shannon joined the business in 1953 and by 1959 was eager to set a new course for himself and the business.  With his father’s blessing, Frank recognized an opportunity to distribute medical and surgical supplies.  Developing relationships with the iconic manufacturers including Clay-Adams, Becton-Dickinson and Johnson and Johnson, Frank grew the business and oversaw it’s expansion to include our relationships with health care professionals and providers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and The Maritimes. 

In recent years TB Clift Limited has stretched out to develop relationships with health care providers across Canada and now includes customers extending to Vancouver Island.  From our early days as a medical, surgical, sales, marketing and distribution company providing health care professionals and hospitals with everything required, we have evolved to become a company rooted in the core competencies we are noted for today, including surgical intervention, medical device reprocessing and, of course, infection prevention and control.


Our team is here to support you with everything from product selection to implementation and training. We have spent over 20 years working with and training healthcare facilities to improve infection prevention and control outcomes for their staff, patients, and visitors. We are passionate about improving outcomes for our partners and cannot wait to help your team. 

Rick Clift TB Clift Atlantic Canada

Rick Clift

Rick Clift is the current proprietor of TB Clift and the 4th in succession since 1896. Rick has enjoyed over 45 years of developing the skills to bring together his passion for helping medical professionals with his expertise in medical technologies innovations and trends. 

If you see him with a golf club, fishing pole or gardening tool in his hand, you will know he is having a good day. 

Kathleen Clift TB Clift Atlantic Canada

Kathleen Clift

Kathleen Clift is an ardent client champion who relishes her role as primary contact and facilitator of all things customer related at TB Clift. Through her 37 year career at TB Clift, Kate has abided the Golden Rule in both her roles as Administrator and Director of Customer Service.


Kate loves to adhere to a high energy exercise regimen and loves travel.  Her ultimate goal is a boot camp at 39,000 feet.

Jamie Carew TB Clift Atlantic Canada

Jamie Carew

Jamie has 10 years experience with TB Clift and 20 years in the medical industry and always responds positively to all challenges put his way - always with his best foot forward. 


A multi-sport athlete, Jamie is well known for his achievements in hockey and soccer and as an all sports fan, is ready to comment on everything from curling to tic-tac-toe. 

If you are a hospital, medical clinic, physician’s office, or small business, we will support you with the best products, the right training, and superior support.

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