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3 Tips For Travel During The COVID Pandemic

With travel restrictions lifting, things are finally looking up! ✈️ That's just PLANE awesome, right?! 😂 But before you plan your next trip, try to not get your head too far up in the clouds before considering how to stay safe on and off the plane!

We are still navigating the fourth wave of the Covid Pandemic, and safety protocols are still very much needed to help #StopTheSpread! Basic infection prevention and control can help to protect you and those around you. So CarryOn with those travel plans, but make sure you are prepared!

Keep it simple with our top 3 expert-backed travel tips:

1. Wear a mask 😷

We recommend masks specifically designed with both filtration and breathability at top of mind.

2. Wash your hands 🖐️

Handwashing with soap and water is always preferable! If that is not possible, sanitizer is also helpful to prevent the spread of germs.

3. Disinfect high-touch surfaces & objects 🧼

Carry travel-size Disinfectant Wipes with you at all times!

Remember: While we can now Carry On with our travels (woohoo!), we also need to carry on with COVID-19 safety protocols.


Make it easy! Our CarryOn Canada Personal Protection Kits are filled with everything you need to stay safe on the go, including:

😷 Medical Grade Level III masks

🧼 Accel Prevention Disinfectant Wipes

✨ Kalaya Hand Sanitizer

The best part??? All proudly made in Canada 🇨🇦

And a quick reminder: The pandemic isn't over yet. Keep wearing your mask! Even if you are vaccinated, many, including children under 12, are not yet. Mask up, save lives! 😷 It's really that simple.

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